The Kambo Cleanse

Kambo Sapo Shaman Iquitos PeruThe Kambo Cleanse trend is beginning to take off in many circle in the United States, most popularly used by yogis and meditation groups. However, Kambo has long been used as a tribal medicine.

Kambo is a secretion made by frogs, and many indigenous cultures of the Amazon use it to boost immunity. In Portuguese, it is known as the vaccine of the forest and has also gained use as a powerful drug for easing chronic pain and overcoming drug dependency.

Kambo is powerful, and should not be used except under the supervision of a well-practiced guide. A practitioner will help guide users in how to gain maximum benefits from their Kambo application. Users will have to set an intention before beginning the ceremony to ensure proper setting during the Kambo cleanse and so they can integrate with the experience after the cleanse.

Kambo Benefits

Sapo Frog Posion KamboSince the 1980s, Kambo has been the focus of many research studies regarding its benefits. The chemical makeup of Kambo shows that it contains amino acids, known as peptides, which affect gastrointestinal muscles and the circulation of blood. The chemicals that makeup Kambo stimulate the adrenal cortex and the brain’s pituitary gland.

Although no clinical studies support Kambo’s efficiency, the properties of Kambo make it promising for the treatment of conditions like: depression, migraines, blood circulation issues, vascular insufficiency, organ diseases, cancer, fertility problems, deeply rooted toxins, chronic pain, addiction, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease.

Kambo is also used to treat fever and infections, and help ward off negative energy (traditionally called “panema”).

How Kambo Is Used

Kambo is traditionally collected early in the daytime, when the giant monkey frogs are singing and can be easily found. The type of frog is called Phyllomedusa bicolor and tribes are able to take the venom without harming them. A shaman scrapes the venom from the frog’s skin using a stick, and it is then administered to the person via small holes that the practitioner burns into the top few layers of skin. Typically, Kambo is applied on the arm.

Kambo is often used as a pre-cursor to an ayahuasca ceremony because of its cleansing and purging properties.

A Kambo ceremony can be very intense. The nervous system can experience a strong reaction from the venom, and the user might experience muscle cramps, swelling, vomiting, and strong emotions. After about an hour, Kambo will leave the user feeling relaxed.

Kambo’s effects begin taking over just minutes after the venom is applied. In the days and weeks following the cleanse, people experience less chronic pain and addictive cravings.

Using Kambo Properly

Sao Frog Amazon Jungle PeruAgain, having an experienced guide is vital for a safe and effective Kambo cleanse. There are some people in the United States who offer Kambo cleanses, otherwise, many people travel to the Amazon to visit with native tribes who have extensive history collecting and using Kambo ceremoniously.

In order to support a positive experience, all users should have an experienced guide by their side during the entire process.

Kambo is treated with the utmost respect by tribal members, and is certainly not taken lightly. Many people have reported incredibly results from their clean, from removal of negative energy to decreases in physical pain and other ailments.

The Potential Risks of Kambo

Like everything, Kambo comes with potential risks. Without clinical studies, there is no way to know the full extent of risk associate with Kambo. Certain users might experience reactions that haven’t been reported due to underlying allergies, health conditions, and other ailments that the user may or may not know about.

You should discuss Kambo with your treating physician before using it. Since Kambo is not a part of Western medicine, it’s possible your doctor will be unfamiliar with the ceremony. When you go to take part in the ceremony, be honest with your Kambo practitioner before administering it so they know about any medications you’re taking.

While the traditional experience with a tribe can be incredibly powerful, you may be safer using it for the first time in the United States or another western country. Many practiced guides are available in places from Arizona to California, allowing users to find guides who speak fluent English and will likely have more knowledge about Western medication than a tribal guide would. This allows users to talk about the experience more fluently prior to administration.

Combining Kambo

As mentioned earlier, Kambo is often used as a pre-cursor to other ceremonies such Ayahuasca. However, you can also combine Kambo with other traditional medicine. For instance, the increased blood flow and improved circulation you feel with the use of Kambo can be complemented by a chiropractic adjustment.

The increased blood flow will allow the chiropractor to make a more efficient adjustment than they normally would be, allowing you to experience better results and heal quicker from any physical mis-alignments or other health ailments you are suffering from.

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